Elementary Math Software

Written by Tara Peris
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Elementary math software is a classroom necessity. Unfortunately, nationwide budget cuts have crippled already limited educational funding, making it difficult for many schools to get the resources they need. Although an essential learning tool, the need for elementary math software has been lost amidst cries for books, classrooms, and other learning materials.

If you speak to almost any elementary school teacher about the state of our schools, he or she is likely to paint a very grim picture. Although governmental initiatives to "leave no child behind" stress poor test scores as one reflection of systemic failure, most teachers will tell you a different story.

Bringing Elementary Math Software into the Classroom

Today's public schools have few of the resources they need to teach effectively. From over-crowded classrooms to a shortage of books that forces children to share even basic supplies, it is no wonder that students are performing below expectations. When it comes to computer technology, schools fare even more poorly.

This is a shame, given that today's educational software is a significant advancement in teaching our young. Elementary math software and programs designed to address reading comprehension and language skills should be placed in every classroom. However, until governmental funding provides schools with more money, it is incumbent on parents to provide these essential resources.

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