Fifth Grade Math

Written by Tara Peris
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Fifth grade math covers a range of topics, and it is likely that your child will need extra assistance at some point over the course of the school year. Smart parents know to be proactive in this regard, and seek out learning aids and additional resources to give children support from the outset. When early learning experiences are positive, children develop a love of mathematics that will last a lifetime.

Fifth grade math covers an array of different mathematical principles, and requires students to draw on multiple forms of problem solving. Typically, the curriculum includes topics such as number properties, measurement, and fractions. However, basic algebraic concepts are also introduced, as are the fundamentals of geometry.

Understanding the Importance of Fifth Grade Math

Children contend with a great deal in this respect. In essence, fifth grade math provides a foundation of skills that will prove essential in subsequent course work. Whether your child makes it no further than advanced algebra or goes on to study trigonometry and calculus, these skills are critical for mastering more complex material.

As a parent, one of the best things you can do is be proactive. Don't wait for academic difficulties to arise. Rather, talk to your child's teachers about her strengths and weaknesses, and about the curriculum used to teach fifth grade math. Then look into math software you can use at home, or inquire about hiring a local tutor.

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