Math Curriculum Software

Written by Tara Peris
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Developing proper math curriculum software is not as easy as it might seem. There are competing schools of thought regarding the best way to teach mathematical material, and software must be developed in a manner that actually promotes learning rather than impeding it. In turn, parents and educators should review software materials carefully in order to ensure that math skills are taught in a logical and appropriate manner.

There are several philosophies about the best way to teach math. Ask any grade school teacher, and he or she is likely to tell you that the debate is no where near resolution, with proponents of different educational philosophies arguing for competing teaching approaches. Amidst this conflict, it can be quite a challenge to find math curriculum software to make everyone happy.

The Right Math Curriculum Software

Some child psychologists have suggested that developmentally, children are unable to grasp certain concepts until they have reached a certain level of biological and cognitive maturity. People subscribing to this philosophy teach math from the bottom up, targeting the gradual development of foundation skills in a step by step manner. Others suggest that this approach is limiting, and does not allow children to reach their full potential.

Needless to say, evidence exists both for and against each of these philosophical camps. What educators can agree on, however, is that math should be taught in an interactive manner. This is where quality math curriculum software becomes invaluable. It can be used both in the classroom and at home, to assist children in learning math fundamentals in a hands-on manner.

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