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Written by Tara Peris
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Modern math software can provide a great boon to students of all ages and skill levels. From the basics of pre-algebra to advanced work with functions, derivatives, and vectors, quality math software can help tackle mathematical concepts in a structured, consistent manner. Learning math need not be frustrating or demoralizing. Indeed, with the right tools at your disposal, it is both easy and fun.

For some time now, educators and policy makers have bemoaned the state of the American education system. Global systemic failures have converged with dramatic funding cuts, leaving our schools and our children in poor shape. Sadly, in even the wealthiest states, children fall behind on national tests and fail to meet the most basic educational standards.

Although educational failures are observed across the board, they are most evident in areas of math and science. These deficits are documented at almost every grade level, suggesting that math problems begin early on and persist across the course of schooling. In fact, standardized testing suggests that many children fail to develop critical foundation skills in math, thereby impeding their ability to master more advanced material down the road.

Facilitate Learning with Math Software

These academic shortcomings carry dire consequences. At the broadest level, students demoralized by chronic failure are more likely to drop out than children who experience success and mastery. However, math skills are of particular importance, and studies consistently find that children with solid math skills achieve higher levels of educational attainment and higher paying jobs.

Moreover, a solid foundation of math skills has been linked to better problem-solving and critical thinking skills, as well as to higher levels of self-esteem and independence. Schools know this, and they have struggled to find materials to bridge the gap that has developed for their students. Quality math software is the most promising alternative, and many schools have used their limited funding to secure this technology in the classroom.

Unfortunately, this may not be enough. Many schools do not have access to math software, and even those that do are faced with a formidable task when it comes to helping students catch up on math material. The real solution is to bring this math software home.

Using Math Software at Home

Teaching mathematics should not be limited to the classroom; it is repeated exposure and practice that breed mastery. Smart parents know to take matters into their own hands. They look for educational materials to enhance or supplement what their child receives at school, knowing that these extra steps make all the difference.

Math software is now easy to find and whether your child needs help with middle school math or more advanced elements of calculus, there are tools that are sure to help. These materials are interactive and innovative, and have been designed using validated approaches to teaching math. They are a smart, engaging way to help your child advance to the head of the class.

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