Trigonometry Software

Written by Tara Peris
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The development and refinement of trigonometry software has been a significant educational advancement of the past decade. No longer confined to bulky graphing calculators, students can explore the full range of trigonometry concepts with ease. As a result, material is digested more fully and learning is enhanced.

Some subjects are inherently visual. Topics such as geometry and trigonometry would be impossible to teach without some type of visual representation of triangles, planes, and arcs. In the past, teachers would fumble through drawing at the blackboard, confined by their own artistic abilities.

The Advantages of Trigonometry Software

The development of graphing calculators aided this endeavor substantially. Most of us remember that T1-83 graphing monster that cost a fortune, but made trig all that easier. These days, students can do even better with the right trigonometry software.

Whether your child is using trigonometry as a stepping stone to calculus, or as an end point in her academic career, good math software can go a long way toward making the subject easier. Trigonometry software in particular, has much to offer, as it can illustrate functions with unmatched clarity and ease.

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