Audit Software

Written by Kimberly Clark
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Audit software can be used to log all the changes made to a particular data set. The software can be used to track what changes were actually made, while maintaining a record of the original document. The software can also be used to stamp the time and date the modification was made and to capture who made the changes.

Audit software can be used in any application where the integrity of data is imperative. For example, it could be used for those cases where the submission of incorrect information would cause the submitter to face stiff financial fines. These penalties could be imposed by a federal regulatory agency for failure to comply with imposed standards.

The software can also be used to restrict user access to certain features of a computer program or system. This can be useful in a corporate office to limit access to confidential or propriety information, such as employees' personnel files. This type of software is most commonly utilized in medical offices to protect patients' privacy.

Auditing Productivity

This sort of application can also be used to gauge productivity levels of employees. While somewhat of an ancillary benefit, this feature is one of the ways that auditing software is most commonly used in day to day practice. Since efficiency is a primary goal of most all healthcare facilities, measuring and tracking productivity in some way is almost a requirement.

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