Compliance Software

Written by Kimberly Clark
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Big Brother is always watching, and monitoring the industry's compliance with the ever-changing federal regulations is just part of his beat. Laws are passed and amended so often that it is almost impossible to keep up. Not to mention that a few of the rulings are rather complex and complicated to implement without the use of a well developed and regularly updated software package.

The healthcare industry is affected by this in an extreme way. HIPAA compliance is of the utmost importance, and any tools that can help are often welcome. Many hospitals have turned to software programs, but been dissatisfied with the results. This is usually because they did not implement an all-in-one solution.

Avoiding any fraudulent billing is crucial. A software platform that provides checks, balances, and a record of transactions can keep a facility in the clear and assuage any concerns about liability. Although most concerns about going paperless have been assuaged over time, it's also good to know that going automated decreases the risks of human error. If your program allows you to print specialized reports, it makes it easy to stay on top of any possible problems.

OIG Compliance

OIG compliance is also a factor. The Office of the Inspector General requires procedures to be medically necessary in order to be billed to Medicare or Medicaid. While memorizing standards and rules is one way of handling this, having a software program that can handle compliance inquiries on the spot, or in batch form.

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