Document Management Software

Written by Norene Anderson
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Document management software is essential to making the most effective use of the office and staff. Most software is a Windows based application. This type of program offers the ability to develop a searchable database that is centralized. It incorporates all the paper documents as well as electronic data. This puts everything conveniently in one location.

The first step in getting all paper and electronic documents in one database is to transfer the paper information to digital. This requires scanning the information. Most software requires the documents to be saved as PDF, JPEG, or TIFF files. Each document can have additional information attached to it. This makes for easy retrieval of all related documents. The information can be searched for specific criteria and get a complete report.

Document Management Software Works

Document management software is designed to categorize and organize the documents in groups or any particular category that is appropriate. Once the information is stored digitally, it can be retrieved either by the office network or over the Internet. Access to information can be controlled to the point of specifying which users can review individual documents. Most of the software is designed to document every inquiry into every document so there is a verification of all review or change made to the record.

Some document management software offers a feature that maintains a copy of a document every time it is edited. It saves the revised document as a new file and links it to the original copy. That gives an accurate timeline of all information and changes. Document encryption is necessary for patient confidentiality. This will keep anyone from having access to the information any way other than through the proper channels.

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