Electronic Medical Record System

Written by Carolyn Larson
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Electronic medical record system software is changing the concept of medical records. A medical record is the compilation of information regarding all aspects of patient care provided by a physician or healthcare facility. It has personal data such as the address, phone, birth date, social security number, medical history, symptoms, treatment, and other information.

Medical records information is used in a variety of ways. It provides data for hospitals to conduct quality control audits. It contains the necessary facts to back up insurance claims. Many people either contribute to or access data from each medical record. Searching for a medical record can be a time-consuming project when it is in use for someone else or it is misfiled.

Advantages of an Electronic Medical Record System

Electronic Medical Record system handling of medical records information is a much better way to utilize the technology available. In order to enhance the ability of healthcare professionals to review the patient's history and previous treatment, it makes sense that electronic data is the way to go. When all of the information is electronically stored, any part or all of the record can be viewed with just a few keystrokes. Electronically produced records are legible and completely organized. There are no tattered folders and torn pages from being tossed from one desk to the next.

The ability to store backup copies of all records at an off-site location is another advantage for using the electronic medical record system. Unfortunately, fire and natural disasters have destroyed paper records and they could not be replaced. With electronic storage, there is always a backup copy available should anything happen to the system holding the original.

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