Hospital Management

Written by Norene Anderson
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Hospital management is rapidly going the way of technology. The advances in software development for managing large corporations make it possible to do more with less. The emphasis in a hospital should be patient care and not paperwork. Many times patient records are lost, misfiled, on someone's desk, or otherwise indisposed when needed. The ability to enter the patient information and every aspect of patient care into a central database system provides immediate access to vital data.

Accounting and insurance billing procedures have changed dramatically in the recent past. The ability to file e-claims has made the turnaround for payment much faster. Hospital management is a broad responsibility. Keeping a hospital financially stable requires making the very best use of all resources. Centralizing information and streamlining input is critical to making the most cost-effective use of personnel. This avoids duplicity of work. Departments can share information as needed.

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In the past, scheduling of personnel took hours and was done with paper, pen, and a good eraser. Today it can be done in just a few minutes making much better use of manager's time. The medical records department is greatly affected by the latest technology in dictation and transcription. Physicians can dictate patient information into digital recorders and the transcriptionists can pick up the information immediately after it is uploaded by the physician. Completion of medical records within a limited time is necessary and possible.

Good hospital management takes note of all expenses and income. With the software available, it is easier to monitor expenses such as equipment maintenance, housekeeping, dietary, and all patient supplies. Tracking usage and purchase ratios gives the purchasing department a guideline for staying within the need and avoiding excess stock.

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