Medical Clearinghouses

Written by Anthony Tedesco
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The medical clearinghouse is responsible for tracking all payments and insurance claims for doctors in hospitals and private practices. Clearinghouses also formulate bills and edit treatment information using the standard coding accepted throughout the medical profession. Often these detailed are handled in the office by staff trained to understand and draft the necessary forms. Other times you will find this work outsourced to specialists operating their own businesses or as freelance billing experts.

Software for Clearinghouse Procedures

It's not enough to use a standard spreadsheet to create your payments and accounts documents. In the medical field, there are so many variables that spreadsheets need a lot of modification to be adequate in the task. Special software, therefore, has been developed to deal with the nuances associated with medical billing.

Using this software, it is possible to draft and complete medical forms in a fraction of the time it once took when doing it either through traditional spreadsheets or, worse, by hand. Newer program packages have adopted a drag-and-drop approach, allowing specialists to insert items into the bill with tremendous ease. This eliminates the need to constantly update and change existing documents to reflect recent work.

The best part about these special software packages is their ability to operate on their own schedule, as well as remind you of existing accounts and payments. If someone is late with payments, you are given a reminder, as well as the option to draft a letter requesting payment. This and several other impressive features are all automated, giving you the freedom to work on other accounts while the software monitors everything else.

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