Medical Coding Books

Written by Anthony Tedesco
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Medical coding is one of the most important aspects of the health care industry today. Medical coding is responsible for accounting of patient activity as well as treatment and diagnosis. These codes are used between doctors to keep everyone informed as to the status of a patient and all of the procedures undertaken in their care. This information is then used when it comes time to detail the billing, and they help to determine liability between patients and insurance agencies.

The Reasons for Medical Coding

Medical coding is used to help reduce the size of patient records. If every diagnosis and treatment were to be written out verbatim, then the size of these files would become monumental. Couple that with the presence of thousands of other files, and you can see the need for a more concise method of record keeping.

How Coding Works

Medical codes are a complex alphanumeric series meant to indicate everything from diagnosis to treatment. The code itself is anywhere from 10 to 15 elements long, although this can change depending on certain variables and other factors that arise during treatment. Reading and understanding the code cannot be done without the help of coding books.

Medical coding books contain the entire code, including diagnosis, treatment, and reaction to prescribed procedures in one place. This code cannot fit in a single volume, and thus is contained in a multi-volume text. Coding books are also being used in compact format on computers, which is more convenient for an office staff. Current coding formats are up to version 10 or higher.

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