Medical Practice Management

Written by Norene Anderson
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Medical practice management can be a very time-consuming job. A lot of information must be processed and the patient flow must go smoothly to have a successful practice with happy clients. A scheduling error can cause havoc in a waiting room when it causes a backup of patients. This can happen so easily if there is not a system in place to closely monitor the way appointments are handled.

Software designers are in the business to make medical practice management as simple as hitting a few keystrokes and mouse clicks. Programs are designed to instantly show busy times and free times on the schedule for any or all physicians within a medical practice. Finding the next available appointment with a specific doctor is just a click away. This is so much faster and more accurate than turning through pages of handwritten calendar notes.

Medical Practice Management Areas

Another of the areas covered by medical practice management software is the accounting and billing department. This is the lifeline for the practice staying financially stable. Improper coding and insurance billing can lead to a loss of revenue very quickly. With the advancement of electronic medical records, it is easy to automate a system to e-file an insurance claim as soon as the procedural and diagnosis code are entered into the system.

Computer technology for managing medical offices is advancing rapidly. With the availability of voice recognition software for data entry, it is possible to have the notes from a physician encounter entered into the patient's file within minutes of the visit. This process takes days when dictation and transcription are used. Medical management is definitely going high-tech.

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