Medical Transcription Companies

Written by Norene Anderson
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Medical transcription companies offer some great advantages over hiring in-house personnel to transcribe all the dictation. This reduces the cost of running an office by at least one employee and many more for clinics and hospitals. It also increases the efficiency of keeping the medical records current within a 24-hour time limit.

Extremely busy practices can easily see 30-40 or more patients a day per physician. This amounts to an enormous amount of dictation that must be transcribed. It would be quite expensive to hire enough transcriptionists to keep the dictation up to date. Medical transcription companies have enough employees that they can disperse the work and have it all done in twenty-four hours. This turn-around is vital for records on critically ill patients.

Benefits of Medical Transcription Companies

Large hospitals usually have enough personnel to do the work in-house. There are times, however, that the services of medical transcription companies must be utilized. Unexpected illness or emergencies can take employees out and the dictation will be backlogged. To avoid this, many hospitals have an agreement with a service provider for use as needed only.

Transcription companies set high standards for all their employees. This guarantees the physicians the results that are expected. It assures them of the transcriber's knowledge of essential information required for meeting governmental regulations and general standards required by all insurance companies. Non-compliance with these requirements can result in withholding payment to the physician. A qualified transcriptionist can quickly catch any omissions by the physician and get the necessary information.

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EMR implementatoin

Dear Friends,

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