Medical Transcription Equipment

Written by Norene Anderson
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Medical transcription equipment has changed dramatically with the technological advances in the last few years. Much of the dictation done today is outsourced to agencies or companies with a staff of transcriptionists. This is a great way for physicians and small clinics to cut costs. They do not have to hire personnel to do the work and they do not have to invest in the equipment needed.

The latest technology incorporates digital voice recording for the physicians. This is easily uploaded from the smart card to the server at the agency contracted to provide the transcription. Once it is received by the agency, either it is sent by encrypted email to the transcriptionist or the transcriptionist logs onto the server site and downloads the dictation. This requires the transcriber to have a computer that is able to handle the latest encryption and privacy guard. It also requires the knowledge and ability to use files in the "wav" format.

Functions of Medical Transcription Equipment

There are several items of medical transcription equipment to be purchased. A foot pedal device is used to control the amount of dictation in relation to the typing speed. It generally has a play, pause, fast forward, and rewind setting. This makes it easy to repeat the last few words to check for accuracy anytime it is needed. It also makes it possible to repeat a word as many times as necessary if it is difficult to understand.

Software is another major piece of medical transcription equipment that is required. There are many programs developed to make transcription as timesaving as possible. Most include extensive medical terminology and key phrases that are common to various specialties. A word expander is included in some of the software packages and that cuts the number of keystrokes down considerably.

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