Medisoft Billing

Written by Anthony Tedesco
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Billing is one of your staff's most important tasks during the workday. They need to be able to create complete and accurate reports concerning all of the work done with a patient. This information is then put into an invoice that goes both to the patient and the insurance company. Getting it right the first time is critical, and software suites like Medisoft make this easy.

Using Medisoft Patient Accounting for Your Billing Needs

Medisoft is one of the more popular doctor's office assistant programs. It features a wide array of available options and features, not the least of which is bill handling. You can summarize your costs for your staff, which they can then insert directly onto electronically produced insurance and office templates.

Billing is handled using code standards like ICD-9 and ICD-10. You can program your Medisoft to identify these codes with certain costs and prices, making it possible to edit a bill in a fraction of the time it takes to do the paperwork the traditional way. The spreadsheet functions and accounting options in Medisoft also make it easy to track patient and insurance company payments.

Medisoft also has scheduling integrated into the available billing component. This helps you to determine if payments have been received or if they are running late. It's also easy to draft letters to all parties concerned using Medisoft. You can even set up pop-up reminders to let you know when papers or responses are due.

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