Physician Scheduling

Written by Norene Anderson
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Physician scheduling can be a nightmare without the benefit of a great software program. One of the features helpful in scheduling patients is the option to color code physicians. In a multi-physician office, a day- or week-at-a-glance view can rapidly let the physician or scheduler know when there are open slots or heavy workloads on the calendar.

The perimeters for physician scheduling can be customized to meet the desire of the physicians. Some physicians prefer to have new patients on certain days at a particular time of the day. More time is usually required for a new patient than a returning patient. The scheduling program can be set to find the next available appointment for either a new or returning patient. A few keystrokes will have the option on the screen in a matter of seconds.

Benefits of Physician Scheduling Software

When a group of physicians perform the same procedure using a limited number of specialized rooms, it is necessary to have error-proof physician scheduling. Care must be taken to avoid duplicating room scheduling. Using a good medical office management program or service will eliminate that possibility and keep patient flow without snags or problems.

Regardless of the care taken, there are times when the patient or the provider must make a change in the schedule. All physician scheduling is easy to maintain with the ability to cut, copy, and paste appointments into another slot without retyping every detail. Schedules can be viewed by provider or location. Days off or vacation time can be blocked out to avoid accidentally booking a patient for a time when the physician will not be available.

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