Practice Management

Written by Anthony Tedesco
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Doctors know that they don't just help their patients; they keep track of their records and medical history. This can become quite a lot of data over time, and with several hundred or even several thousand patients to address, it is important to keep those records straight. Practice management software is the most effective way to keep your patient's details in order from one visit to the next.

Practice Management Software at a Glance

It used to be that doctors and other medical personnel would have to keep track of their patients using several different programs. Word processors would be used to create the bills and all printed materials, while a database would store the actual specifics of a patient. A third program, the spreadsheet, would keep track of financial data as it became available. This was a lot of software for any staff member to learn.

Fortunately, today, there are programs like Medisoft suites available that give doctors and their staff the help they need to get the job done in half the time it used to take. All of your patient's data, from medical to financial, are kept in one place. Best of all, these software suites are easy to learn, and with training can be mastered in no time.

The power of practice management suites becomes evident when you see how easy it is to keep track of data and incorporate it into reports and insurance claim forms. No longer do you have to turn to a typewriter or a word processing template to complete vital paperwork. Now practice management prints its own forms using the latest templates provided by the insurance companies and the hospital. This is just one of a host of functions and features you will find in today's top practice management software suites.

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I teach Billing and Coding and can tell you that there are many skills which will over lap our Billing and Coding Specialist focus more on trnascribing and using ICD-9 and CPt codes to develop billing plans and superbills. Medical Insurance Specialists work more in the end product dealing with doctor's offices and insurance companies while the billing and coding folks work as a step between the patient care and billing. However with your background you would probably still be eligible to take the NCCT certification for Billing and Coding and become a certified Billing and Coding Specialist opening up more jobs for you.