Speech Recognition Software

Written by Norene Anderson
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Speech recognition software is a highly competitive area. The latest developments and improvements have expanded the capabilities immensely. Some software offers the possible accuracy rate of 99% with the acceptance of dictation at 160 words per minute. Other programs can produce 130 words per minute with the same accuracy. Each program offers unique features.

Speech recognition software comes tailor-made for specific entities. The medical edition covers areas such as electronic medical records and the ability to be wireless with laptops or digital recorders. It is also possible to have customized dictionaries for any medical specialty. This enhances the accuracy rate tremendously. It also includes a pharmaceutical dictionary for the correct recognition of medications and dosages.

Let Speech Recognition Software Do the Typing

There are many advantages of using speech recognition software in the medical profession. Medical records can be completed in just a matter of minutes. Referral letters or consultation letters can be prepared by simply dictating to the computer. Email and other correspondence can be done using voice commands and minimal use of the keyboard.

To get the best results from any speech recognition program, the equipment used must meet or exceed the minimal requirements. The audio capabilities of the computer must be top quality. There must be plenty of RAM to handle the information without any hesitation. It is imperative that the software and hardware is able to communicate seamlessly. This will expedite the processing of information and increase the potential speed of the entire operation.

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