Written by Anthony Tedesco
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Springcharts is one of the most effective software suites available to doctors and hospitals today. Springcharts integrates data entry, scheduling, prescription, and office messaging features into one place. These and a number of other features combine to make Springcharts a program capable of running your office, giving you the freedom to work with patients and not worry about the paperwork.

Springcharts Features

Springcharts has taken the suggestions of medical professionals and turned them into a software suite that practically runs itself. You can have a database containing all of the medical records of your patients, without having to have shelf after shelf of written records. This data is also available to the every computer in the entire office quickly and easily, thanks to its network compatibility.

Springcharts also handles in-office messaging, with simple protocols for attachments when you need to shoot someone information fast. You can even have prescriptions, lab requests, and other papers transmitted with an ease never before seen. You can even incorporate pictures, graphs, and other illustrations into your documents.

Springcharts is easy to use, and the help system gives well described instructions for using all of the suite's features. Online tutorials are available to get you jump started, too. The entire package is inexpensive, and features comprehensive technical support as part of the initial cost, giving you all the help you need to speed up the day to day needs of your office. Now you can spend more time with patients and less time writing about how you treated them.

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