Voice Power Technology

Written by Norene Anderson
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Voice power technology takes the lead in providing communication between man and machine. Many devices are available that are operated totally by voice command. There are cell phones that dial a number when told to do so. There are personal data assistants (PDA) that respond to voice instructions. There are many benefits in the capability to use speech to accomplish various tasks.

One of the greatest changes brought about by voice power technology is the ability to literally talk to the computer and see the words pop up on the screen as you speak. This has changed the way many professionals handle communication and staffing. A business professional or physician can actually have correspondence prepared for mailing in the same amount of time it takes to dictate the letter for a transciptionist to type.

Explore Voice Power Technology

Software can be customized to the point of using templates for all types of reports and letters. Specialty-specific words can easily be added to the dictionary within the software. This makes the recognition almost error free. For the busy physician, this is a great time management tool. He or she can dictate the results of an examination or procedure directly into the prepared form and have an instant report available.

With voice power technology products, it is no longer necessary to have stacks of records or charts waiting for dictation to be transcribed. Speech recognition typing is changing the entire function of the professional office. More time can be spent on patient or client contact and less on typing, sorting, and filing paperwork.

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