Voice Recognition Software

Written by Norene Anderson
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Voice recognition software is changing the world of medical records. It is no longer necessary for physicians to dictate reports and letters then wait for the transcriptionist to complete the work. It is then necessary to proof and correct any typographical errors, send it back and wait again for the completed work. With voice recognition, the physician can dictate, see the report or letter immediately, and be in complete control of the information.

There is voice recognition software designed specifically for the medical field. It can be configured for any specialty. This makes it faster for the learning curve and voice training recognition for the software. Along with the advances in dictation, it is also possible to incorporate digital imaging from various tests and procedures into the reports almost immediately after they are completed.

Advantages of Voice Recognition Software

The transition to electronic medical records is gaining momentum as physicians are realizing the advantages of dictating directly into the record database and having immediate availability of all information. The freedom to give all the commands by voice makes it possible to dictate while doing a procedure and have a final digital copy immediately. This is good time management for the physician and it guarantees that all vital information will be included in the report since it is reported as it occurs.

Voice recognition software makes it possible for those physicians on the run to dictate into a digital recorder, transfer the recording to the voice recognition program and have the same instant results. If there are any corrections or additions to the report, they can be made immediately and marked complete. The software program will pay for itself by the reduction in personnel needs.

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