Web Based Document Management

Written by Norene Anderson
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Web based document management is a service provided to design and put into service a cost-effective online management system for documents of any type. Records such as patient medical records are housed at the web host site. The type of service provided is determined by the specific need of the requesting facility.

Data is typically sent via high-speed electronic format. For other types of documents, such as paper, microfiche, or microfilm, the host for the document management site will scan and index the information according to pre-determined forms. If the client prefers, they can scan and index all the information and upload it onto the host server where it is available for retrieval any time from any place.

Do You Need Web Based Document Management Help?

When an office is converting to a web based document management system, it is sometimes easier to get up and running if the host prepares all the old information for electronic storage and let the office personnel start with current data. Otherwise, it may take an excessively long time to have all records and information on the service provider server. This could be a problem in locating important information in a timely fashion.

The web based document management system is designed to provide quick access through queries to any information in just a matter of seconds. All dictated reports are in the same format and all financial information is in a specially designed database format giving detailed information regarding any patient or aspect of the business with just a few clicks of the mouse. Many companies offer SSL (Secure Socket Layer) transmissions to guarantee privacy for all data entry and retrieval.

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