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Written by Dallas Smith
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If you're looking for effective Access tutorials, what you might also want to consider are alternatives to traditional database scripting techniques altogether. Specifically, as proficient as you are in writing code for Access, if you continue to rely on traditional query builders, building script line by line, you can only go so far in terms of overall efficiency. Such is the nature of query-based script writing--as proficient as you are, you can still expect to spend hours building pages of script.

Today, the most advanced scripting solutions are redefining the speed with which programmers can complete scripts, turning a full day's work into the work of a couple of hours. It sounds to good to be true for any programmer who is used to slaving away building queries, editing syntax, and debugging, and would have been without innovative thinking on the part of scripting software providers. However, the technology is now available that can allow you to create pages of script at a time, in a fraction of the time that traditional query builders require.

Access Tutorials Working in Real-Time

With leading script-writing solutions you can learn SQL coding in what is a more user-friendly interface than what you're probably used to. These solutions incorporate drag-and-drop template operations that provide more of a design perspective, giving you more creative input as you develop fully integrated scripts, without the typical cutting and pasting of queries. The result is exceptional functionality that will appeal to both experienced programmers, tired of the deliberate pace of query building, and beginning programmers still not full familiar with the intricacies of SQL coding.

In any case, what programmers of any level of experience will find with today's leading script-writing solutions will be a completely new approach to Access-based database scripting. Inherent in this approach is a far greater efficiency than you can expect to find in traditional query builders. The results will be the achievement of levels of productivity that you probably have not attained before.

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