Written by Dallas Smith
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If you are involved in database scripting for Access97, depending on the type of scripting solution you are using, you may not be achieving the maximum level of script production that is possible today. Specifically, if you are still relying on traditional query builders to create script, you are probably not matching the rate of production that is possible using today's best scripting solutions. These SQL builders are effective, but they no longer represent the forefront of SQL builder development.

That distinction today is going to the scripting solutions that make it possible to build pages of script in a fraction of the time required by previous builders. You're looking at the difference between the work of a full day and the work of a couple of hours or less. If you're wondering how this rate is possible you need only take a closer look at how these solutions work.

Locating the Leading Edge in Access97 SQL Builders

The leading SQL builders for Access97 that are available today can be identified by an innovative template-based operation that allows programmers to build scripts page by page, instead of the customary lines of query at a time. Even template-based programs can be distinguished by the degree of customization that is allowed for each template, with the best solutions offering exceptional user-specific customization. With easy-to-use drag and drop functionality, experienced and novice programmers alike will find an engaging interface that allows for more creative control over script design.

This feature alone, in contrast to the repetitive nature of traditional builders, can lead to far greater motivation and productivity in programmers. It makes sense, of course--programmers who feel they are a more active part of the scripting process will be more inclined to increase their output. Whatever the intent for researching leading scripting solutions, the end result will be the same--a glimpse into the future of what is possible in a great SQL builder.

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