Data Cleansing

Written by Dallas Smith
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To ensure effective data cleansing for your database servers, the process of editing and debugging script can often seem to take as long as the process of writing the script in the first place. This situation is particularly true when you are relying on older query builders to create your script, as much of the syntax and logic get mixed up during the initial programming phase. The end result tends to be long hours spent both on the initial input of queries, and then on the editing process once a script is completed.

Combined, these two processes can consume hours of valuable work time. Additionally, programmers can become frustrated having to repeat these procedures over and over again in what can start to seem like an very redundant process. Fortunately, recent developments in scripting technology are starting to to change the status quo.

Achieving More Efficient Data Cleansing Through Emerging Solutions

In the past few years, innovative software designers have begun to address the need for more efficient data cleansing. Part of the solution has included creating template-based queries that are inherently accurate with regards to syntax and logic, so that from the start, you are working with correct protocol. As you use these templates to form entire scripts, you maintain the consistent organization of data throughout, eliminating the need for much of the usual post-editing.

Best of all, you can achieve the entire process in a few hours or less, saving you tremendous amounts of time over the long run compared to traditional builders. With appealing visual interfaces, you can achieve more of a design sense while creating scripts, for a greater sense of interaction with the script-writing process. Taken together, these features form the picture of an outstanding solution that demands the consideration of any programmer desiring to reach a new level of performance.

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