Written by Dallas Smith
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The need to edit database information for duplicates is an essential part of any cleansing process, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it can often be a tedious process requiring many hours of effort. If you are relying on traditional query builders to create script, extensive post-editing is an unfortunate by-product of the process. Add that time to the process of developing script line by line and cutting and pasting queries, and the hours can really start to add up.

Avoiding Duplicates by Eliminating Them in the First Place

Today, many script-writing solutions are available that eliminate much of the need for extensive post-editing of script. These solutions work through template-based operations that are designed to produce accurate syntax and logic from the start, thus reducing the potential for duplicates in your data. As you link templates together through simple drag and drop actions based on desired data interaction, you can quickly create completed scripts.

Compared to the pace of traditional query builders, template-based solutions are miles ahead. Consider doing the work of an entire day in a few hours or less and you have an idea of what is possible with the most effective template solutions. Even among these solutions, you can find a level of customization available to the user in leading solutions that should help you distinguish the best from the rest.

Accuracy Right from the Start

The best feature of today's leading script-writing solutions is the high level of accuracy you can achieve in initial script creation. This fidelity will eliminate much of the need for lengthy post-editing and debugging that takes up much valuable time. Using that time for more important tasks like strengthening and expanding your database is the reward you can expect when you harness the power of a leading SQL builder.

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