Written by Dallas Smith
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If you are involved in programming MSSQL scripts, it's probably fair to say that a primary focus is on efficiency. After all, with the ever-present demands of an expanding database, your ability to produce pages of script in a timely manner is essential. As your database continues to grow and you take on increasingly ambitious projects, the need for efficiency will only increase in stride.

At the same time, if you are accustomed to using traditional query builders to create SQL script, you are probably aware that even advanced programmers can only work so fast using these programs. When you factor in building each page line by line, cutting and pasting queries, editing and debugging script, the hours really start to add up. Even with the best programmers, the repetition can start to become uninspiring, to say the least!

MSSQL Coding: Exploring a New Approach

Today, a new generation of MSSQL builders are emerging that are returning a level of dynamic functionality to builders that has been sorely lacking in traditional query-based programs. The best of these solutions offer a template-based interface giving you the freedom in customization to input whatever data is required. From a design standpoint, you'll be able to create entire pages of script in a more visual approach.

More importantly, you'll be doing so at a pace that will seem virtually light-years ahead of what you can achieve with traditional builders. In essence, these solutions return the sense of engagement to script-writing, in which programmers become active participants in the process. If you've become accustomed to feeling like a device for inputting code, these solutions could allow you to completely redefine your role as an SQL programmer.

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