Query Builder

Written by Dallas Smith
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For an effective query builder, the speed at which you can produce completed scripts is essential to effective database management. Unfortunately, the builders you might be accustomed to are probably not exactly synonymous with speed when it comes to the time it takes to create pages of script. This state of your typical builder came about simply because the matter-of-fact programming aspects of script-writing programs began to overshadow the needs of programmers themselves.

However, today, more solutions are emerging that are responding to the needs of programmers for more dynamic script-writers that return a level of creative control to the user. The fact that these programs are also substantially faster than traditional systems is an added bonus. Together, these solutions are proving to be much more beneficial to programmers in terms of the levels of motivation and productivity they facilitate.

A Query Builder Working from the Outside In

With today's advanced solutions, you can expect a query builder that preserves a focus on a more comprehensive perspective. That perspective involves the ability to coordinate a number of queries in a drag and drop interface for rapid script completion. Starting with highly-customizable templates, you can work with a number of queries at a time, coordinating input and output between templates until you have finalized a script.

Working from this perspective allows you to understand script generation from more of a design-oriented aspect. As a novice programmer, this approach allows for a more gradual introduction into script-building, while for experienced programmers, this approach is more appealing than the somewhat perfunctory approach of traditional builders. Whatever your experience, these solutions warrant your attention, if only to know what possibilities represent the forefront of SQL scripting technology.

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