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Written by Dallas Smith
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If you program with traditional SQL query builders, you are probably all too familiar with some of the drawbacks of this method for developing scripts. No one can discount the effectiveness of traditional query builders, of course, but when it comes down to it, these methods aren't exactly known for their speed. Because of the limitations of building script line by line, having to post-edit for syntax, and having to debug afterward, you're looking at many hours of work to produce a complete script.

If you find yourself facing these drawbacks on a consistent basis, you might be asking yourself if there is a faster, more efficient way to develop script. Not surprisingly, you're not the only individual who has found the need for more effective script-writing programs. Today, software designers have stepped up to provide excellent alternatives to traditional query-based script programs.

Alternatives to Traditional SQL Query Builders

The most striking capability of advanced alternatives to SQL Query Builders is the level of efficiency you can achieve. What you're looking at with one of these solutions is a drastic reduction in the time you'll spend developing scripts. In fact, instead of creating script line by line, leading solutions allow for script development by page, with complete synchronization and no need for post-editing code.

The best of these solutions offer template-based operation that can provide you with exceptional functionality as a programmer, regardless of your level of coding experience. At the same time, you'll have the level of control over design elements that script writing can even become engaging again--these solutions are that dynamic. If these features sound like the departure from query building you've been waiting for, maybe it's time to take a good look at these scripting solutions while you're still ahead of the game.

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