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Written by Stephanie Dula
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There are several configurations in which Microsoft Office 2003 is packaged. While it may seem like a simple task, buying a product like Microsoft Office should involve a detailed analysis of needs as well as an online price comparison from several companies. The first step is to determine what individual or bundled product would serve your personal or business activities.

Software Product Types

Microsoft Office 2003 is the latest version of the famous software system and comes packaged both as individual programs as well as various editions that are targeted to distinct groups of consumers. Depending on what version, if any, of Office software you already own, you may qualify for a cheaper price since all that's required is an upgrade. Many people are getting by just fine with older versions of Microsoft Office, but large enterprises and businesses may significantly benefit from an upgrade to 2003.

Some Microsoft Office 2003 packages carry special license requirements for purchase. For example, the Student and Teacher Edition is only sold through educational retailers to teachers, students, and students' parents. Additionally, the Business and Professional Enterprise Editions of Office 2003 are only available through special volume licensing programs. The Basic, Professional, and Small Business Editions are both available as pre-installed software on some new PCs.

Each new generation of Microsoft products boasts enhanced features, and many of these features will be better suited to some users than others. The best way to determine which product is really worth the money is to visit the Microsoft website or that of a quality retailer that can provide an in-depth comparison between versions and editions.

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