Microsoft Office 2000

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Microsoft is the world's leading software maker. It is a giant in the industry and is one of the most powerful and far-reaching corporations on the planet. Its founder and top executive, Bill Gates, is one of the wealthiest people in the world because his company's operating systems and other products are used in approximately 90 percent of the computers world wide. Anyone with even casual contact with computers will eventually encounter a Microsoft product.

One of Microsoft's top products is Office 2000. Office 2000 is designed for use in effectively managing the daily operations of a business. It is ideal for small to mid-sized businesses, and even large corporations use Office 2000. Many individuals use it on their home PCs, but it is specifically designed to improve company communications, document creation, and support decision making strategies needed by businesses of different sizes and in diverse industries.

Microsoft Office 2000 is what is referred to as an applications suite. An application simply refers to an individual program, and suite refers to all the programs together. Examples of individual applications within the Office 2000 suite are Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. These are some of the most common applications and are included in every edition from top to bottom. Other applications like PhotoDraw are only included in the high end editions like Office 2000 Premium.

Applications Included in Microsoft Office 2000

One of the most common applications that comes standard in every Office 2000 edition is Microsoft Word. Word is the application you use to type papers, letters, and create other documents and publications. You can use it to generate tables and graphs and format different types of documents. I am using Word at this very moment to type this information for you.

Another of the standard applications is Microsoft Excel. Excel is a spreadsheet and database application that is invaluable in day-to-day business activities. Excel is the program you would use to create spreadsheet and other financial documents. Excel's statistical capabilities are extremely helpful to many organizations and it is quite easy to learn to use even the advanced features of the application.

Microsoft PowerPoint is an excellent program. This application is specifically designed to create exceptional, professional looking business presentations. Next time your company has a financial presentation to make, use PowerPoint to create a really dynamic, interactive presentation. PowerPoint allows you to custom design a slide show for use in presentations. You can include pictures, graphs, text, sound effects, videos, and much more with PowerPoint to make a truly great presentation.

More Applications in Office 2000

Microsoft Outlook is the fourth application that is standard in all Office 2000 editions. Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are included in every edition from the Standard all the way up to the Premium. Outlook is the communications program. It is used to create and send e-mails.

Included in more advanced editions of Office 2000 are applications such as Publisher and PhotoDraw. Publisher is used to create incredible looking business documents like newsletters, informational pamphlets, and marketing brochures. Publisher is an ideal marketing aid because it produces sophisticated and stylish documents. PhotoDraw is a nice program to use to add a more unique, artistic touch to documents. PhotoDraw does require slightly more RAM to operate, but most computers should experience no problems.

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