Microsoft Office 2000 Premium

Written by Seth Cotterell
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In the world of computers, there is no bigger name than Microsoft. Microsoft is the single largest computer software company in the world, with annual sales in the billions of dollars. The company's software is used in a huge majority of computers in every corner of the globe.

The Microsoft Office Suite is used to organize business and personal operations for maximum productivity and efficiency. Upgrades are release periodically, usually with about two to three years separating product launches. Most people choose to upgrade with every new release to keep up with advances in computer technology.

MicroSoft Office 2000 Premium Edition

On its release, most users did upgrade to the Microsoft Office 2000 package, and many also chose to go with the Microsoft Office 2000 Premium package. The difference is that the Premium edition features twice as many applications as the standard edition. The Office 2000 Premium has Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook (like the Standard Edition), but it also includes Access, FrontPage, Publisher, PhotoDraw, and Small Business Tools. The Premium Edition has incredible versatility and practicality.

The potential drawback to Premium is its large size. It is going to eat up a lot of your computer's memory. This is true of most of Microsoft's products, though. Outdated machines might experience slowdown and lower picture resolution, but newer ones will have little trouble running the Premium edition.

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