Microsoft Office 2000 Professional

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Microsoft Office 2000 Professional is a more inclusive version of the Standard Office edition. Professional includes a few added applications that the Standard Office 2000 version lacks. It is also designed with better web interface and a great server. It is intended for use as the central organizational and communications tool for small businesses, not for casual users like web surfers or students.

Professional is comparable to Windows NT and from the perspective of laptop users, it is an improvement. Some consumers experienced problems running NT on laptops, but the bugs have been worked out in the Professional edition. It is also more user friendly than NT, and finding answers to your questions is easier. For the less technically minded, Professional is designed with easy set-up and installation capabilities.

Extra Features of the Office 2000 Professional Edition

The Professional edition is a step up from the Standard edition with additional applications for use by small businesses. In addition to the basic Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, Professional has the bonus applications Access, Publisher, and Small Business Tools. Publisher is a simple and user-friendly program that creates high quality business documents. It is best for producing marketing related materials.

No product is perfect, however. Professional does have a few problems. One problem is cost. Its powerful server is one of its best features, but it is also expensive. In addition, because it has more capabilities, its boot time is slower than some other Office 2000 editions. This isn't an edition you'd want for your home computer, but it is ideal for home based businesses and other small companies.

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