Microsoft Office 2000 Training

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Microsoft is the dominant player in the worldwide software development and manufacturing market. No other company's software products are used as widely as those of Microsoft. Microsoft has earned its place at the top of the software industry through extensive planning, shrewd business practices, and of course, providing consistent and high quality products to consumers.

When it comes to software, user friendliness is a major concern. No matter how good a software program is, if users can not understand, it will quickly be replaced by a newer and more sophisticated yet simpler version. Microsoft's Office series is the number one applications suite used by companies to manage communications, creation, collaboration, analysis, and decision making.

Getting More out of Office 2000 with the Right Training

If it weren't user friendly, Office would not be as popular as it is today. Even though it is relatively easy to use, there are always ways to extract more benefit from the applications suite and increase productivity and revenue. One way is to sign up for a Microsoft Office 2000 training class. Classes are sometimes offered by universities or community education classes.

Another way to train yourself for more effective usage of the Office 2000 suite is to purchase a Microsoft training video. Training videos provide an in-depth look at the features and benefits of the various applications in the Office 2000 suite. Step-by-step instruction is provided by video instructors or on CD. Office 2000 training sets can be purchased through the manufacturer or through a reputable, licensed online vendor.

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