Microsoft Office 2003 Tutorials

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Employers favor applicants and staff members that can prove some level of ability with the most commonly used software products on the market. When software is updated, many users will require a little extra training and hands-on experience in the form of an online tutorial. After all, what is point of upgrading software if no one knows how to use the nifty new features?

Office 2003 Educational Resources

There are plenty of ways to boost your knowledge of the powerful tools offered by Microsoft Office 2003 products. This generation of Office software packages emphasizes group work and document sharing in large enterprises, and employees may need some help in learning these enhanced features. The first step is to complete any tutorials or educational materials that come with the product, and many times these will be sufficient in introducing new tools to employees.

New users should also check out the Microsoft Office website for a host of free information and resources, including quizzes and how-to guides. For those who need more extensive assistance, there are plenty of books and CD-ROMs for sale that promise to make an expert out of the most inexperienced of users. Many people like having these resources as reference guides for times when unexpected problems arise with day-to-day use.

There are also countless classes available through community colleges, universities, online course providers, and other sources that enable students to engage in interactive e-learning. As more and more people sign up for these helpful classes, they become more affordable and convenient, with a variety of formats from which to choose.

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