Microsoft Office Basic

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Microsoft Office versions are continuously evolving in terms of features and pragmatic ways to improve business administration and communication. The software giant is constantly coming out with new products, whether it's an entire edition (a collection of upgraded office programs) or the individual programs themselves. Before shopping around for affordable Microsoft Office products, it helps to assess one's personal needs and decide on an appropriate software package.

Microsoft Office 2003 Editions

Microsoft Office 2003 is the software successor to the XP edition, with many improvements that make it an enjoyable and worthwhile product. It provides new opportunities for team collaboration, enhanced security, and many new tools in individual programs. The suite is available in a variety of forms, including function-specific editions and individual programs.

Microsoft Office Basic Edition 2003 is a popular and affordable package that comes pre-installed on many home PCs. It's a limited version of the ubiquitous office software suite that includes the Word, Outlook, and Excel programs. While it may not be suitable for common business applications, it's fine for those who primarily need basic word processing, e-mail, and data analysis capabilities.

Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003 includes all these basic programs with the addition of Powerpoint for preparing presentations. Microsoft has also come out with more specialized and detailed editions that include tools designed for educators, students, small business owners, and professionals. These editions provide focused tools for publishing, presentations, and information management and protection.

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