Microsoft Office Professional

Written by Stephanie Dula
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The Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 is available for purchase through several different means. Consumers can obtain this product directly from the software manufacturer, from authorized retailers, or as part of the pre-installed software on a new PC. In order to qualify for an upgrade to the Professional Edition, buyers must own one of many previous Office products, including XP, Office 2000, Office 97, or Microsoft Works.

Microsoft Licensing Policies

The Professional Edition is an example of a Microsoft package that requires a special academic license for purchase. Microsoft utilizes several different licensing programs for businesses, educators, and students who need specialized editions like this one. The company also carries different pricing plans for those who need a certain number of these packages for multiple PCs. All the details and eligibility requirements are located on the Microsoft Office website.

If the academic eligibility requirements are met, this product can be purchased from a variety of competing online retailers. The Professional Edition is a powerful tool for academic applications, with added programs along with the core Office group. These include Microsoft Publisher and Access, as well as an added Business Contact Manager application for Outlook.

This added bonus can help businesses track sales and customer information and run reports, but might not have much to offer the average home user. The Professional Enterprise Edition is a step above the Professional Edition and offers the handy addition of InfoPath 2003. This edition also carries its own licensing restrictions and is designed for multiple PCs in a business setting.

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