Microsoft Office Templates

Written by Stephanie Dula
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A Microsoft Office template provides the framework for specific types of documents that are used frequently by a business or individual. Depending on the edition, Microsoft Office comes equipped with several handy templates, and more can be downloaded from the Microsoft Office website. There are also companies that market unique Office templates for creating specialized documents and backgrounds.

The Convenience of Templates

Building a document on a template has a number of advantages for savvy office professionals and those that frequently use certain formats in everyday use. Basically, a template is a set of layout and style specifications that, when grouped together, form the basis for writing and editing documents. Rather than individually formatting each document in terms of any necessary items like margins, toolbars, or other customizable features, a template starts out with these items set up and ready to go.

For example, a template may provide a specific style of formatting for the purpose of writing a commonly used document like a formal letter. A writer using this type of template can simply fill in all the necessary information in fields designated for required letter information like date, address, and headings. Microsoft Office templates even give users the option of storing frequently used addresses and other information for use in later documents.

After exploring all the templates that come with the standard Microsoft Office packages, users can look for new ones on the Internet or even create their own. Simple templates can be created by opening a document and formatting it to the desired specifications using the standard methods, and even adding text, pictures, and other elements. It can then be saved as a template rather than as a standard document and used in the future as a pre-set framework on which to build.

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