Microsoft Office Xp

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Microsoft Office XP is the successor to Office 2000 with many minor and a few major improvements. Each time Microsoft launches a new version of its office suite, its new features are thoroughly tested out and reviewed by professionals and software developers. A host of online computing articles can provide information and comparison between each generation of Office, including the XP and 2003 versions.

The Power of Smart Tags

Perhaps the most talked-about feature included in Office XP is the addition of Smart Tags, which were further enhanced in Office 2003. These handy items provide necessary information and options when using common features in Office's applications. For example, a smart tag will appear when the pointer is held over an icon on the toolbar, indicating the function of that icon. This feature enables users to more easily navigate an application with an instant explanation of frequently used tools.

Additionally, Office's task panes have been given a new interface. Like the Smart Tags, the task panes are more automatic and require less work to navigate. They utilize drop down menus with buttons that, when clicked on, simply open up secondary menus instead of dialog boxes.

Office XP also offers more collaboration tools than previous versions, and more opportunities for web integration. The subsequent service packs offered by Microsoft further improved XP and corrected some of its inherent security and reliability issues. These service packs, as well as templates and other downloads are widely available online, along with tips and tricks for fully realizing the potential of Office XP.

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