Access Control

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Access control is one way of ensuring that your employees are visiting only those sites you want them to. By limiting the types of sites people can access, you can be sure that no offensive, illegal, or malicious content is being introduced into your company's network or server.

One method of controlling Internet access is by setting up a pre-determined list of only those sites employees are authorized to access. This may include the company email server, a shipping site, or any other Internet location that is used only in the day to day business of the company.

What You Want and Don't Want

The use of web blocking software, or specific Internet site blocking software, can also allow a business to determine which sites it definitely does not want its employees visiting. Maybe a lot of time is being spent shopping online, visiting entertainment sites, or downloading MP3 files. Commonly used websites that provide these kinds of services can be specifically blocked, so that employees simply cannot access them at all.

Access Control Is the Key

Whether a company wants to restrict access to only those websites employees need to be using for business, or if there are just a few specific sites that workers commonly access which are causing problems, access control is the key to determining how the Internet is going to be used in your company. Knowing and controlling the exact sites your employees visit, or don't visit, is just one way of ensuring your company's overall productivity.

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