Blocking Internet Access

Written by Michael O'Brien
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To prevent misuse of company resources and time through employee Internet abuse, blocking Internet access to only those individuals responsible for such abuse is possible. The key here is to find out where malicious content is being viewed or downloaded. A good web filter will allow an employer to do that.

How Blocking Internet Access is Implemented

With the right Internet blocking software, access can be restricted for those who seem to be the biggest culprits in wasting company time and resources on the Internet. Which workstation seems to continuously download MP3 files? Who is visiting adult entertainment sites on a continual basis? Find out, and block that user from visiting those sites again.

Other Uses for Internet Access Blocking

Why punish Internet abuse when you can prevent it in the first place? Sometimes, a user or group should have no reason to access the Internet. Yet you may still want them to have limited access just for business related purposes, such as checking the company email account and what not. Control over how you are blocking Internet access is one way to make sure Internet usage is everything you want it to be.

Ultimately, it just comes down to common sense. It's not that employees should be punished or can't be trusted. Often, something as innocent as wasting a few minutes of company time a day can be enough to cause that company to lose money. In the right context, the blocking of some kinds of Internet access is simply a good idea.

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