Email Reporting

Written by Michael O'Brien
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We all know it. We all hate it. SPAM. No, I'm not talking about the meat substitute. I mean those annoying junk mail messages that come to your email inbox. When a company or other organization runs into problems with SPAM, having a good email reporting tool at your disposal can be very helpful.

What Email Reporting Does

SPAM can take up valuable memory in an organization's email server. If an important message doesn't get through because your mailbox is full, that can be a real problem. Emails containing viruses are also very common, and certain viruses, as we have all learned the hard way, can do a lot of damage.

Web filtering software can track the sources of SPAM, and let you know exactly where it's coming from. There's no way to prevent junk mail from getting through completely. But if the SPAM is typically coming from a certain web site or email address, then that source can be recognized when another message comes from them, and blocked accordingly.

Raise Your Hand If You Hate SPAM

None of us likes being bothered by SPAM, but in some cases, it can be more than a simple annoyance. It can be a real problem. The Internet filtering software your organization has in place should be equipped to protect you, with powerful email reporting tools that will let you identify, and prevent those problems to begin with.

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