Internet Blocking Software

Written by Michael O'Brien
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With web filtering software, an employer can monitor what areas of the Internet are being accessed, and when. Access to these areas can then be limited, or even blocked. This may take the form of blocking specific websites, or simply certain types of content, like porn or online shopping sites. Specific URLs can be blocked. Site addresses containing certain keywords can be restricted.

How Does Internet Blocking Software Work?

Restricting Internet content is as easy as checking off items on a drop down menu, or typing in a key word or URL. The program does the rest. When a user tries to access a particular site or content, an error message will appear telling them access is denied. The downloading of certain file types can also be restricted, if that's a problem.

It's well worth the time and effort to ensure that your company is blocking access to those areas of the Internet your employees should not be going. Besides increasing the productivity of your employees' work efforts, you can also prevent the downloading malicious or offensive content. The right kind of Internet blocking software is absolutely essential.

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