Internet Filtering

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Internet filtering is a method by which a company or organization can determine specific areas of the Internet that can or cannot be accessed by users. These can take the form of anything from Internet content filters, to specific Internet site blocking software.

Internet Filtering Summarized

Internet filtering is one way an institution can determine criteria for Internet access. This can be certain keywords contained within website URLs that the filtering software can either restrict access to, or simply monitor. This could also mean not allowing certain file types to be downloaded. Filtering web pages or content can allow a company or organization to give users access to the Internet, but can also help to keep them from visiting areas of the web they shouldn't be, or at times they shouldn't be if filtering is simply a matter of making sure your employees are only visiting certain areas of the Internet during scheduled breaks, and not during work hours.

The Effectiveness of Filtering Web Content

Innovative website programmers are always employing new methods to get users to visit their sites, with misleading keywords, or innocuous looking emails. Even so, the use of Internet filtration can go a long way in protecting an organization from most unwanted web access.

Many companies today, are providing products which can help with filtering Internet content. It's worth looking into. How much money could you be saving?

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