Isa Server Log Analyzer

Written by Michael O'Brien
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It's important that an I.S.A, or Internet Security & Acceleration Server, should give you freedom. But you should also have powerful reporting tools at your disposal as well. A good ISA Server Log Analyzer will allow you to effectively monitor and report the Internet activity going on in your company.

What Does an ISA Server Log Analyzer Do?

Basically, an ISA Server Log Analyzer is a reporting tool. What web sites or content is your web filtering software keeping track of? Who is going where? It's crucial that a web filtering program be able to handle these issues. But it's just as important that administration be aware of what is happening within the company regarding Internet usage.

Features of a Good Server Log Analyzer

An ISA Server Log should be able to categorize Internet activity by identifying which groups or users are going where. It should have email reporting. It should have cost analysis capabilities, and easy to read summary information. It should also be able to automatically email reports to management, and support text logs and SQL based log data.

Remote administration is also key. Whether you are only a few offices away, or miles apart, being able to receive reports from your web filtering software remotely will save time and money. Knowing exactly what kind of Internet activity is going on in your company, and having software that can properly report this activity, is the first step in saving your company thousands of dollars on a weekly basis.

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