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Written by Michael O'Brien
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An I.S.A. web filter, or Internet Security & Acceleration Filter is the main tool an organization will need in implementing all of its various web filtering applications. Web content and web page filters are the types of areas covered in the I.S.A. filter tasks. But this type of filtration is just the tip of the iceberg.

What a Good I.S.A. Web Filter Can Do

In most cases, no matter what kind of web filtering you are interested in, there are several areas of filter control you should look for. How many categories can you use as a determining factor in what is being blocked? Around 40 to 45 is a good number. You also want to be sure you have user-defined categories available to you as well.

A good Internet and acceleration filter should also allow for real time monitoring of user activity. This way, an employer can see exactly who is going where, and when. Which brings us to another important filtering feature. How much control does one have over when certain content is accessed. A good I.S.A. web filter should allow you to determine the times of day, or the days of the week certain content can be accessed.

Do Your Homework

Before you go out and purchase your web filtering software package, make sure you are getting all the features you need. Do your homework and compare what different companies are offering. Determine what is best for your business needs.

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