Log File Analysis

Written by Michael O'Brien
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A log file analysis is a means by which web filtering software monitors and reports what areas of the Internet are being accessed and when, and how much time and bandwidth is being spent in those areas. A detailed log analysis is important, so that you know what areas of Internet usage to target, or at least be aware of.

Using a Log File Analysis to Cut Costs

Time is money. If it's taking too much time to send and receive files and information that may be vital to the running of an organization, then it could be time to find out if something can be done about it. Even with the fastest Internet connection and the most bandwidth available on the planet, resources can be unnecessarily wasted, and productivity can, in the long run, be adversely affected.

Maybe all of the Internet activity going on in your company is strictly business. Or maybe files are being downloaded, and time is being spent using the Internet in ways that are preventing crucial business needs from occurring as quickly and efficiently as they could.

Make Sure to Keep Track

A log file analysis will keep track of Internet activity, and report findings to whoever needs to know. With the right Internet filter program in place, that activity can then be controlled accordingly. It's even possible to know from which workstations certain Internet activity is occurring, in case one particular individual or group is the main culprit.

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