Pornography Blocking Software

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Due to the legal and professional ramifications of viewing offensive content at work, it can be vitally important that some method of porn blocker be used in the workplace. Now how do we implement it? Pornography blocking software is the answer.

How Pornography Blocking Software Works

One way a piece of web filtering software will block porn is by looking for certain keywords in the URL or web address that are most commonly found on sites containing pornography. There are also other characteristics typically found in sites of this kind that pornography blocking software can examine to determine what type of site is being visited, and to restrict user access accordingly.

Emails containing certain links and URLs can also be monitored and blocked with the right kind of web filtering program in place. Programmers are becoming more and more devious these days. Even with SPAM protection enabled, an email sever may not know to place certain junk mail in the appropriate folder The email subject and message may look innocent enough. But clicking on the link may take the user, quite inadvertently, to an offensive site. Again, the right software can help.

Every Little Bit Helps

Nothing is certain of course. Due to the unpredictable and insidious nature of web access today, there's no way of preventing all offensive content from getting through. But access to such content can be severely curtailed, and in the end, lead to a much more professional work environment.

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