Proxy Reporting

Written by Michael O'Brien
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A good ISA Server Log Analyzer should offer detailed, but easy to read proxy reporting as part of its software package. It should also be able to automatically email these reports to administration, so Internet activity within a company can be monitored at all times.

What Does Proxy Reporting Analyze?

A typical proxy report should consist of spreadsheet, or other kind of table or list, detailing certain information about Internet usage. What sites are being visited? What users or groups are visiting those sites? What time of day is certain activity occurring? How much time or bandwidth is being used?

Internet sites use proxy reporting to monitor the precise activity that is occurring on their sites. Even something as simple as a web hit counter can be a form of proxy report. But using this same technology to monitor web usage within a company or organization, can be an extremely valuable tool in determining how much certain Internet usage may be costing that organization.

But Can You Read It?

Clarity is also important. How well are proxy reports laid out and categorized? Is it easy to see at a glance what exactly is going on? There's no point in having a detailed proxy report, if you can't read it. It's common sense, but make sure you know what a typical proxy report looks like, before considering a particular web filtering program.

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